About the Editor

Hi, I’m Rachel.  Welcome to my wedding advice page.  You may remember my “Wed Design”webzine.  I now have my own page, All Wedding Questions, and will be answering your questions here from now on .

Got A Question?   Please write to me with your questions and I will answer as many as possible.  I will also make available an archive of previously answered questions that I think you’ll find useful.  These questions are listed either by Style & Design or general Etiquette in the above categories.

About site

Welcome to our wedding site. If you’re getting married in the north-east, we’ve put together a host of pages to help you achieve the perfect marriage. Where to find the best of everything to make your day perfect, from bridal wear and jewelry to stationery and entertainment.

Preparation is the key to a smooth-running wedding day. Months of planning and sheer hard work go into ensuring everything runs perfectly. After all, it is one of the most important days of your life.

There’s so much to think about, but here you’ll find useful advice about getting everything ready on time. When it comes to dancing the night away start off on the right foot by reading our article about planning the perfect reception.

We’ve plenty more tips to help you get everything right. Once you know what you want you can use our directory of wedding businesses to get straight through to best people.

We hope you find the site helpful. Good luck for the big day