Every question you had about wedding shoes, answered

From how much to spend for your wedding shoes, to whether flip flops are a faux pas, we’ve asked the experts and compiled a comprehensive guide to shopping for your wedding shoes.


Guide to the Perfect Wedding Shoes

Once a bride has found her perfect ivory silk wedding dress she then sets off in search of the perfect pair of ivory silk wedding shoes. A bride will spend so much time selecting her wedding dress that’s only right she dedicates herself to the quest for the perfect pair of wedding shoes.

Traditional silk or satin ivory bridal dresses with full-length ivory silk satin or lace skirts will sometimes show just a glimpse of the silk, satin or lace pair of wedding shoes, but that glimpse could complete the entire wedding look. A closed toe white or ivory silk, satin or lace wedding shoe has an elegant feel and if the heels are low enough can take any bride from church ceremony to wedding reception without too many blisters.

This is a good idea for a more practical bride who rates comfort over fashion. A pair of low heels in delicate ivory lace or white satin or silk with a trimming of pearls or beautiful crystals can still have a magnetic effect at weddings and make most brides feel very Audrey Hepburn.

For the more glamorous brides and perhaps evening weddings, the wedding itself can be one long party and could see the bride strutting her stuff in JSP style on the dance floor in a pair of killer high heels decorated with diamonds or diamante effect. It doesn’t matter if the pair of wedding shoes is ivory, white, lace, silk, satin or encrusted with diamonds just so long as the heels are high.

The decoration of the wedding shoes could bring together a theme of the wedding, pearls on the marriage reception tables or diamonds or crystals on the wedding cake, the small detail can make all the difference to a beautiful wedding and a beautiful bride. Summer weddings often call for a pair of summer style wedding shoes, perhaps a strap wedding shoe or a pair of wedding sandals even a pair of open toe silk or satin wedding mules. Summer also means that pair of white or ivory sling backs are available and even a pair of diamante flip-flops.

Slingbacks can be edged with pearls or diamonds to finish the look. Winter weddings and brides can decorate the wedding shoes with festive jewels, diamonds, and colored stones or the perfect pair of high heels with diamante straps. Some brides prefer a marriage boot to a shoe and keeping with the white winter feel opt for lace or ivory leather lace-ups. If the snow falls, brides will be grateful for their services. Weddings are a time for celebration and what better way to celebrate than dancing with your groom in a pair of sexy lace mules.

Weddings are a time for romance and walking down the aisle with your groom in your beautiful white silk slingbacks will fit the bill. Weddings are a time to indulge in your childhood fairytale dreams of a princess in her delicate satin high heels wedding shoes.

As most wedding shoes are only worn at the actual wedding more, and more brides are taking their wedding shoes to specialists to have them professionally died. Given that most are made of fabrics such as silk, satin, and lace and are in pale colors like ivory, creams and white they are quickly transformed into another pair of wearable shoes. Brides can always feel special when wearing their former wedding shoes and perhaps take away some of the guilt of the purchase price.

There are so many beautiful wedding shoes out there that you may need a guide to help with that perfect selection. Wedding service guide on the internet or other bridal magazines are a great help. When is a shoe not a shoe? When its a wedding shoe. Whether you are a dreaming Cinderella or maybe a regular SJP, the perfect wedding shoes are out there just waiting.

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