Q: My fiancée and I are getting married in front of a justice of the peace in 2 weeks, but are going to have a full blown wedding ceremony/reception with the works next year. We live and work in Missouri.

The majority of our family live in Minnesota which is where we plan to have the grand shindig next year. But friends and fellow co-workers in Missouri who know we are getting married at the JOP in two weeks are asking us what kind of things we are needing so they can get us a wedding gift. The only people at the JOP ceremony will be us and our parents. How would you suggest we go about handling the gift situation knowing that we are doing this all again next year????

A: Ask those people who are going to both weddings to hold out until next year to buy you a gift. If some people are only going to your JOP wedding, let them go ahead and get you

something now….just make sure that if they are going to get you something that you ask that it just be something small. You don’t have to go into the reason, but since these people will be missing the “big” wedding next year, I doubt you’d want them to spend too much on you.

Q: We will be getting married this year and are planning our registry. How many different stores is it appropriate to register at?
A: In the days when our parents got married, the answer was one. Now, it’s typically between one and three. Anymore than that makes you look greedy and confuses your wedding guests.

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