What are the Things To Keep In Your Memory Box

Memory boxes are valuable tools for the wedded couple. They help keep the day alive, and the treasures contained within can be shared with family for years.

A memory box allows a couple to re-live their wedding day again and again. Keeping a box of treasures from the engagement and marriage is a constant reminder of the happy times that led to the wedding day. Kids will love looking at cards from family members, and older relatives will appreciate pictures and mementos of themselves, all dolled up for the special occasion.

Wood Boxes are Decorative and Useful

The first and most important job is to find a memory box that deserves to be displayed. It is hard to explain to the company why there is an old shoebox full of valuable treasures in a place of honor in the wall unit. Wood boxes are beautiful, and come in a variety of colors to match any décor. Glass boxes are pretty as well, but are much more likely to get destroyed, if the pitter-patter of little feet is in the couple’s future. Some other ideas would be a handmade piece (if the couple or any family members are crafty) or a decorative tin that can be found at a craft store. But go with wood if the plan is to display it. Wood is timeless, like the memories.

Keep little things that bring big smiles

Inside the memory box should be things that remind the couple of their life together, and what led them to the wedding day. Clip the front page of the newspaper from the day you got engaged. Try to get to a photo booth, and get a snapshot of your happiness on the day he (or she) proposed. Keep the ring boxes, and a petal if there were flowers involved in the proposal.

A Day Planner is a Book Full of Memories

It is a handy thing for every bride to have a wedding organizer or day planner. This is a beautiful addition to the memory box- it is something every bride will look at for years to come and will cherish seeing how a year turned into one of the most special days of her life.

As for the wedding day, keep everything you can think of. It is all going in one box, so no one will complain about you being a pack-rat, and these little things bring back memories as small else can. Keep the garter, a petal from the bouquet, a program, one of the guest favors, the cards that were sent with the presents, photos of the special day, an invitation, and every reply card you received. It will delight your younger family members years down the road when they see their childish scribble on the RSVP. Keep everything that fits in the box, and brings a smile to your face. These are the little knick-knacks that will bring back a flood of happy memories every time you open the box.

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